Dave Clark Five

1962 Promotional Press Biography Folder

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A complete original Biography, with individual band members profiles and details for the Dave Clark Five. Produced and written by Leslie Perrin Associates – the bands Press company – in or around June 1962. The text covers the formation of the band, the early beginnings as The Dave Clark Quintet, the bands progress and success, and the release of the I Knew It All The Time/That’s What I Said single, described here as “Their first record”. In addition there is a profile of each band member, with a list of their facts and figures: birth-dates, first public performance etc. Produced by management at the time for Press, Radio and Concert Promoters, and likely also used by Management to help the band get a better recording deal with Columbia Records. The only contact details printed here are that of the Press Company. The folder is made up of a 1 sided red, black and white thick paper fold-around jacket. 11 pink, blue and yellow one-sided A4 sheets of paper are stapled inside. The A4 paper is typed and printed by mimeograph. Text only, no photographs apart from Clarks head on the front of the folder. The folder and contents are not dated but the text references the imminent release of ‘I Knew It All The Time’/’That’s What I Said’ single which was released in June 1962. The Leslie Perrin Associates were a Press & Publicity company based in Londons West End. 13 inch x 8 inch. Language: English. Condition:- Very Good:- Complete. No tears, no staining, no ageing, ‘Biog file’ written in ink on the front cover, minor creasing, edge wear.

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