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Our Philosophy

Quality is everything at Intoxica. We take the utmost of care with our products.

  • All records are individually cleaned with a high quality professional Loricraft record cleaner.
  • All LPs are graded both visually and audibly (by listening to them). Singles/45s/EPs are usually graded visually. We place more emphasis on what the vinyl sounds like over what it looks like, although we always note defects.

We do not to sell records that jump, skip, or stick, but we cannot account for differences in turntable set up. Rest assured, if your are the least bit dissatisfied with your purchase we will refund you completely.

The quality of vinyl used, especially in USA pressings, can vary considerably. Some records, which may look mint, sound crackly because of the quality of vinyl used or the recording. This has been taken into consideration in grading. Such labels as Chess, Saturn and some Jamaican pressing and other small blues, jazz and soul labels are most notable.

Finally, mistakes do happen. If you get a misgraded record return it to us and we'll refund your money (including all postage).

We Buy Records

Please contact us before posting or visiting us with your records. A quick phone call will determine whether it is worth bringing them in. Failing that, send us a list of your collection either by post or email. We'll take a look and let you know if it's they type of stuff we sell.

Before we see the records we can only estimate their value, but once we see them we can make a firm offer (the value is determined by the condition of the vinyl and sleeve) for the records we wish to buy. If you've sent them via post, we will reimburse postage and return records as necessary.

If you do post records we recommend good packaging and insurance (Recorded Delivery for total values below £27.00 and Special Delivery above £27.00).

If it is a large collection we can arrange viewing at your premises, if that is more convenient, bearing in mind we are based in London.

Insurance Valuations

We do valuations for insurance purposes. For example, if you are initially insuring your collection or making an insurance claim, we can help you determine the true value.

Please contact us via post or email for the cost estimates for this service. Please note that since we are based in London, travelling to view a collection incurs extra costs.