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Intoxica is Back!

Intoxica is back – with all the records you’re unlikely to find in London. The home of Louie Louie has a new location, 11 Cecil Court, West End, London, WC2N 4EZ. The mail order will still be running wildly, but nothing in the shop will be for sale online. Bo Diddley didn’t have an iPad, so neither do we !!
We’re slap bang in the middle of Londons glorious Rock’n’Roll history and shortly will be providing evidence of its existence. Mystified?..then watch this space for details.
We’re ensconced in the back room of a shop called Drummonds, Pleasures Of Past Times – specialists and purveyors of artifacts from the 20th Century Counterculture. Now it’s a shop with the best of both worlds.
So vinyl hounds, from the middle of November 2014, you now know what you have to do………….